Lago Ristorante Group

Lago is an Italian restaurant serving authentic Neapolitan cuisine. Offering a menu based on the historic region of Campania, Lago uses enhanced ingredients giving each customer a taste of Napoli along with pairing dishes with exquisite wine from various regions of Italy.

intox worked closely with Lago to craft a website with rich color tones respective to their brand, and their culinary offerings. One of our primary focuses was developing a website with modern features, yet able to capture the old-world charm of Lago.

Digital Strategy
Web Design + Development

Our first move was to create a theme style differing from the standard, and designed a left side navigation panel with rustic background textures. This structure change allowed us to stylize pages, incorporate large images and neatly organize content categories into drop-down menus.

Knowing that most visitors would be browsing the menu and making reservations from a mobile devices, we designed an engaging, responsive website making the user experience simple and friendly.


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