21st Century Pharmacy

21st Century Pharmacy is an independently held healthcare company, staffed with well-trained and experienced pharmacists, dedicated to being a customer focused and innovative partner, providing medication management and clinical services in a caring, cost-effective environment.

One of the challenges on this project was working with existing logo elements and a set color scheme. We took careful consideration in our creative strategy to craft a well designed brand around these elements.

Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Marketing Collateral
Web Design + Development

Our goal was to soften the logo and color scheme by introducing white as a primary color, and adding an abstract butterfly icon to the logo, giving it a more approachable style. A key factor was delivering 21st Century’s message about patient care, while detailing services in the simplest format.

Comprehensive research of the client’s healthcare-specific products and services was a crucial element in structuring content on the website. We focused on how visitors would experience the site, and introduced a user-friendly navigation and patient resource center.

“One of the best agencies we’ve had the opportunity to work with. They far exceeded our expectations in every way, and their brand work has increased the credibility and recognition of our business. The team is dedicated to delivering high quality services within deadlines, offering insight and expertise every step of the way.”
Anthony DiPietro, MBA, FACHE, 21st Century Pharmacy 

The result – distinctly crafted marketing collateral and a well designed, informative website developed on a responsive platform and secure server, giving patients peace of mind with each click.


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